Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wedding Photos

I look at life a little differently than most, and the photographs that I take at events and popular tourist attractions tend to reflect this.  After over fifteen years together, Joel has grown accustomed to seeing me point the camera straight up from the base of tall trees (or monuments, like I did on our trip to D.C.).  I also tend to lay flat  on the ground to see what that angle will produce.
Over the past weekend we had the honor of attending a wedding at Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies, and while most of the guests were busy taking pictures of each other and the bride and groom, I was busy pointing the camera in every other direction. 

Decor at the entrance set the mood with pre-wedding cracker jacks and foam fingers, next to the Phanatic statue.

Flowers and Flower Girls...

The reception really started to ROCK when a wedding crasher arrived...

And finally - courtsey of my husband's photography skills - the Phanatic in motion:

Sending sunshine your way~

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Debi! said...

Love your take on wedding photos! While everyone is busy with 'people', you are capturing moments!
(this would be a great business!)

Love you! Mom!