Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Granny Square

My grandmother has tried to teach me how to knit - many times. For some reason I just can't get it.  My mother taught me to crochet many, many moons ago. This I can handle. 

I am right handed. My grandmother is right handed. My mother is LEFT handed. Somehow watching and replicating exactly what my grandmother's hands were doing hasn't worked. Watching my mother struggle to show me with her right hand, I was able to grasp the initial concept. 

My mind wants to believe that we sat opposite each other and I mirrored her as she worked with her left hand, and I worked with my right. Honestly, I have no idea if that's what we actually did. I do know that we sat and crocheted together when I was little.

Lately I've pulled out the crochet hook and took advantage of some sales to pick up some yarn.  I'm ready to play and make some more afghans.  My dad, and my sweet spouse are the recipients of my earlier afghans.  Below is my husband's, it's not granny squares, but it was a simple pattern [sorry for the un-interesting picture, I should probably stage better for any other inside the house pictures I plan to share].

I have come to the conclusion, that granny squares are perfect for me. I have bits of time in the evening to play, and it's nearly impossible to lose count while working on a granny square - though it's rare that I pull out the yarn and don't finish the full square before it's time to put it all away!

The project also makes me feel like I'm actually accomplishing something while sitting in front of the television in the evening. I can look up from the work and not totally lose my place, and for now, it's still cool enough to have a lap full of afghan and be comfortable. This summer I may have to resort to making the squares and not connecting them, but for now I can assemble as I go.

Here is my progress on a red, white and blue afghan that will be destined for someone serving in our armed forces, stationed overseas this fall:

Next up will be an afghan from the cream, green and peach squares to head to a base in Germany, and eventually I will finish this sunflower pattern for myself (with a different shade of green though {smile}).

While I'm relaxing here in my family room, the project helps me reflect on those who volunteer to serve and protect.  When the blanket is complete, I can send a little piece of home and a reminder that they're not forgotten.

With Memorial Day coming up, feel free to visit some of my favorite troop support sites and consider sending a hello from the home front:

          Any Soldier  -  you select a point of contact and send letters / packages

          Operation Write Home - hand make blank cards for the troops to send home, or send in "any hero" notes to troops for them to include with the blank cards 

          Soldiers' Angels - has a variety of programs to support active and retired members of the military

If you'd prefer, put a note in the comments and I will include it in one of my next packages.

With each stitch, I'm re-finding some of my country roots here in my suburban home...

Sending Sunshine your way~

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Debi! said...

Sitting here smiling, ( and typing with both left and right hands!

Yes, we actually did sit both ways while I was attempting to teach you how to crochet!

Must be it worked! Great fun, this thing called crochet!

Now, you must learn to knit, so you can combine the two! Maybe Lucy can give you hints!