Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Finding My Voice

It has been quite a while since this blog has seen any action.  It has been patiently waiting for me to return.  Looking back through the existing posts I see snippets of me peeking through the projects that I was interested in at that time.  As is typical for me, my interest peaked and then waned off to nothing.  It's a regular cycle for me - I think I get it from my mom...  Something new and shiny, lots of fun for a time, then less fun or interesting, then off to something new and shiny.

It strikes me as amusing to see this trait in myself.  I prefer routine, knowing what's coming and being prepared for it.  My furniture rarely if ever moves (unless it's time to vacuum the dog fur from beneath);  I've had the same career for twenty years - the exact same career - and despite not being enamored by the work, I have found the routine / ritual of it comforting.  Until recently. 

I began taking Tara Mohr's "Playing Big" leadership program in May.  Working through the course, and with my small breakout group I am starting to find my voice.  I am learning how to share my voice with others.

One thing that has remained constant for as far back as I can remember, is my love of words and writing to express myself. 
  • The early elementary days of drawing a picture and writing a story to go along with it.  The tale was endless.  Words spilled onto page after page. 
  • The notes I would leave on my parent's pillows, like a chocolate at a fancy hotel, when I could not find a way to express my thoughts with my voice.
  • The journals we were required to keep in our 5th (or was it 6th) grade English class.
  • The journals I have scattered throughout my home in various stages of use.
  • The few dozen fiction stories that are also in various stages of creation. 

My hope for the future of this blog is that it will be my companion as I continue to find my voice, and my conduit for sharing some of that voice with the world.