Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

I made this card in January, but didn't get to post it.  Since today is officially spring I thought it was appropriate.  While helping my mother-in-law decorate her new snowbird home I picked up some adorable K&Company butterfly stickers to use for cards while in the south - apparently people don't hand write much more than Thank You notes any more because that was the only type of stationery around!  I found the stickers (without glitter!) at the local Michaels.

 I paired one of the larger butterflies with design paper from the DCWV wintercombo matstack. 

Look closely and you'll notice that the flowers in the design paper are actually snowflakes.  I paired it up with some handmade fiber paper (no I didn't hand make it), and a scrap of gray cardstock.  This was so quick and easy!  Hopefully I can find design papers to match all the butterflies and whip up a few cards for my stash.  (Note:  these butterfly stickers are a little bulky, so mailing them may cost extra postage.  Since I didn't have a post office close by, I stuck two stamps on the envelopes just to be on the safe side.)

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

I think my crafty neighbor Carol is trying to influence me into blogging more by selecting me as a recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award!  It's a good thing I love checking out her blog for inspiration and ideas, or I might have missed out on my award...

Based on Carol's post it looks like I am supposed to reveal 7 things about myself... 
1)     I am currently training for my second Ironman distance triathlon.  For those who have no clue what that means (and mom in case you've forgotten...  {grin}), it is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run (yes a marathon) all within a 17 hour time limit.  My husband and I have been told we're a little crazy.
2)     By day I'm an engineer...  at night (once my training is done) the little kid that loves to color comes out to play.
3)     As a child I had nightmares about wolves - as an adult, my favorite breed of dog is the Alaskan Malamute.
4)     I love to play in the snow (shoveling or driving in it are another story).
5)     I've tent camped in the jungles of Belize and Costa Rica for vacation.
6)     I have a tendency to talk to my computer - when it talks back I'll start to worry!
7)     I do not own an i-pod (or any device that digitally stores music)...  if I dig around I think I might be able to find a portable cd player, and maybe even a walk-man! 

Whew - that was harder than I expected.  Now I'm supposed to pick 8 bloggers to pass this on to, but since I'm still quite new to the whole blogging thing I'm going to leave it open to anyone who feels the urge to reveal 7 things about themselves to the world!  {smile}

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Sunday, March 13, 2011


My ironman triathlon training is forcing me to take advantage of design paper - so last night I made a half dozen of the tri-folds for any hero cards.  I found the Irish Blessings on the internet, and printed out four of each.  Unfortunately, my sheet of shamrock DP was only large enough for six in this design.  I'll see what I can do with the scraps and the last two sentiments another day.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Craft Party - Follow Up

It took a week to get the photos taken, but here's what happened last weekend when I got to meet a group of talented ladies (and absorb lots and lots of knowledge to boot!).  Check out Carol's blog here and here for some great pictures and lots of details! 

During my time there I managed to finish three CAS cards as well (it helped that my one colored image was already half done before the day began!). 

My first card was inspired by Sandy's card and is perfect for those of us who have more to say than will fit in a standard A2 sized card, but not enough for a full 5x7 one!  LOL  Plus it's great for that 12x12 cardstock that I've got with minimal scraps left behind!

Next is my Sarah Kay image with some design paper from Carol's scrap stash gathered at a smaller get-together way back in the fall of last year!  I had a blast pawing through her box, and found the fabulous bright yellow flower paper.

Finally - I must have been channeling a little Tim Holtz as I used my Distress Ink pad and TPC Studio stamps to create this collage.  I also tried out some rub-ons for the first time.  They took a little getting use to, but I was thrilled that I didn't destroy my card in the process of experimenting!  I think I'm also going to love all the papers in the DCWV Old World Stack.

Thanks for the great afternoon ladies!