Sunday, January 13, 2013

One Little Word

Well, it seems that so far I've been a much better blog follower than actual blogger.

One blog that I stumbled across in one of those "This looks like an interesting link" chain of events is that of Ali Edwards.  She introduced me to the concept of One Little Word.

One Little Word is akin to making a New Year's Resolution. However, instead of listing of the things you'd like to accomplish, you pick one word to focus on throughout the year. 

In 2013 I will focus on this one little word:


There are so many ways that this word can be interpreted.    

In 2013, I will find ways to create:
  • adventure
  • opportunity
  • passion
  • art
  • time
  • myself
  • happiness
  • space
  • kindness
  • memories
  • a healthy lifestyle
  • smiles / laughter
  • my story
  • projects
This year I'll enter a new decade in my life, and with my one little word I'm pledging to take a more active role in how the days, months and year play out.  I am hopeful that this will also lead to creating more blog entries - we'll see how it goes.  {smile}

~ Kathy

P.S.   I wanted to include at least one photo in this post, but for some reason the system isn't letting me browse my drive at the moment...  hopefully  I'll get this issue figured out for the next post.