Sunday, May 6, 2012

Re-vamping my blog...

OK - so really it's more of a re-start to my blog since I have neglected it for ages!  Lots of people make a fresh start on January first.  Apparently I'm more in tune with Mother Nature  - Spring with all it's new beginnings inspires me as color returns to our yard.

I initially started this blog in my zest for card making, but have come to the conclusion that I am eclectic like my mother, and flit from one type of project to another and back again. By limiting what I thought should be posted on my blog, I was stifling my creative side, both in blog land and in real life. 

So - from here on out, I plan to post whatever strikes me at the moment, with a focus on things that bring sunshine into my life. I love following Ashley at Under the Sycamore, and her posts have motivated me to explore what inspires me and what makes me smile.  

Today it happens to be a quick little card.

I tend to lurk in the cyber world, regularly visiting one of my near neighbors, Carol at Our Little Inspirations.  Her card - here - brought to mind the Operation Write Home Starburst Tutorial.  So I pulled out a My Mind's Eye 6x6 paper pad with bright and happy yellows and oranges to create this Hello Sunshine card:

Thank you! to my 10 existing followers for your patience. I hope that you will continue to follow me as I experiment with expanding my posts.

Sending Sunshine your way today~


Carol L said...

Hey stranger! Welcome back to the land of blogging! It's good to see you posting again, and your card looks great! You haven't lost your card-making touch at all! Thanks for the shout-out, and I hope to see more of whatever inspires you in the future! Have a great Sunday :)

Debi! said...

So happy you have decided to blog again! ( And yes, you are like me... very eclectic!) You will find that the freedom of writing what you are living is much more fun! Love you!
Mom! :O)