Monday, June 7, 2010

Chasing Flies...

Yesterday Joel (my dear hubby) spent half the afternoon chasing down a herd of big green horse flies. With the window work (and previously mentioned open door policy for the dogs) it seems the huge flies descended on our dining and family rooms during the mini heat wave that hit us. (I spent about 20 minutes following him around and vaccuming up the remains - having them fly around bothers me less than all those bodies.)

So it seems rather fitting that Friday he arrived at the office to find this card waiting for him:

It was hard keeping it a secret from him - he likes to come in to see what I'm working on! When I first saw this Bugaboo digital image I knew he had to get the first card I made from it! You see, I never have to worry about getting bit by insects when Joel's around (apparently he's sweeter than I am)! Plus we had been out camping in California with my brother in May so it all just seemed to fit!

The image was colored using my Tombow watercolor markers and a water brush - I haven't figured out how to use the markers directly on the paper yet... but since I love to paint with watercolors it's all good. I just mix my colors on an acrylic block, dip the brush and go.


Paper: Recollections Cardstock; Black Ink Banana Leaf Decorative Papers

Stamps: Bugaboo Digital Image - Stella Summer Blocks mosquitos

Other: Tombow markers, water brush


Debi! said...

This card makes me laugh! I love it! I can just see your hubby's face when he opened it! :O)

Thanks for the acrylic block tip! I needed that!

Our Little Inspirations said...

Being a former camper, I fully get what this card's all about! LOL I bet your hubby got a kick out of it too! I use Tombows to watercolor too, but I never thought to mix them on an acrylic block and go from there! I have to try that now! When I watercolor, I usually use watercolor paper. I just use a darker color around the outside edges with my Tombows, then blend directly over it with an aqua pen or damp paintbrush. This blends and moves the inks perfectly, but it doesn't work very well on regular cardstock!