Saturday, August 31, 2013

30 Days of Lists...

Hello again!  It's nearly autumn - my favorite season of the year.  With the days cooling and growing shorter I'm re-energized.

This past week I decided to join a month long journaling challenge called 30 days of lists.  And I finished my little book to keep my lists just in the nick of time.

I've been wanting to play with book binding techniques, and I have a bunch of 5 by 7 cards left over from my mini travel journal that I created earlier this summer.  So, I pulled together a few supplies, and created this eight folio book.

The supplies:  random stamps and ink, washi tape, 5x7 kraft note cards, blank 4x6 index cards, thread and a needle (not shown).

The kraft note cards are very thick, so I kept each one as an individual folio.  Eight cards is just enough for thirty pages inside (using all the fronts and backs, including the back of the cover page).  I measured and marked locations for three holes in each of the folios (at 1.5 inches from each edge, and the middle at 3.5 inches) and stitched the folios together.  I did my own thing stitching them together, and it seems to have worked.  I added some washi tape for the cover binding.

I finished the cover picking a few stamps and adding my title. 

I plan to write my lists for each day on plain 4x6 index cards and using washi tape to attach them to the pages.  I may decorate the index cards as I go, but for now I'm keeping it super simple.
I'm excited to see what lists the authors have come up with, and to use this technique to document my life today. 

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Debi Rice said...

Have my today's done!
Enjoying the process.... completely!

Simplicity is a good thing.. I may have decided too much... might have to paint pages ahead! LOL! and I sewed the first, by hand.... I might have to revisit glue sticks!

Carol L said...

This looks like a fun project - can't wait to see it come to life with your lists :)

Diane said...

Very fun project.

Regards diane