Sunday, March 10, 2013


Well this week I will join the 40 club.  {it's getting easier and easier to say that as I've been practicing getting comfortable with that number}

One day in January, as I was driving home from work I was stopped at a red light behind a car with the license plate simply stating


I'm pretty sure it was meant to mean fortitude, but I've decided to use it as an abbreviation for 40 attitude or 40 'tude.   And I've decided that my 40 'tude will be something akin to "sassy".  Now I have absolutely no clue what exactly sassy is, but it sounds FUN!

And to celebrate, I've made a fun card using today's OWH sketch #163.

I left the card blank inside to make it a little more versatile.

Have a great week!
~ Kathy


Carol L said...

Hey Kathi, this is really a cute card with those birds, and don't worry about 40 - it's just a number! Instead of 40-tude, how about 40 and sporty? and then for the next milestone 50 and nifty?! LOL Age is merely a state of mind. My son turned 39 today, so I know he's probably feeling the same thing you are, but by the same token, that gives me a real serious jolt of reality too! LOL
It's great to see your card in the links today - yay you!!

Linda said...

Them birds are wayyyy too cute! Are they a stamp set? And I absolutely adore how you placed the on the sentiment...simply wonderful! tfs!!!

Lee Mae said...

Those birds are so fun! Love 'em. Don't worry about turning 40 it's a great age and I think 40 'tude is a great synonym for sassy! Happy upcoming birthday!

Jen said...

Happy birthday! I'm convinced 40 will be awesome. :) It's all in our heads, right?
Love the birds! They are so cute!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Well now, the hill may be steep, but we are strong women, right? Enjoy 40. We have earned it. Love your birdie card!

JD said...

Your card is adorable! And Happy Birthday to you.

Christy - said...

What a cute card and welcome to the 40 club.

Paper Blessings said...

First off, let me tell you, if you are going to have to have the birthdays anyway, might as well have fun with them, am I right? I like that, 40-tude. :) Happy Birthday and hope this week is a "sassy" start to a fabulous year. Gotta say, so far, the 40s are pretty good. :) Now, the card, wowsa! Love the colors and the fun birds! Thanks so much for sharing! :)